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Falls Assistant Online Games

On their website, Falls Assistant has provided two fun online games that you can use to engage with participants to identify and learn more about fall hazards in and around the home.

Type of Activity: Online games
Target Audience: All age groups
Languages available: English
Cost: Free
Timeline of activity: Spot the Hazard: 3-10min; Pairs: 1-5min depending on difficulty levels

Suggested Action Steps to Host Activities
  1. Read and understand the activity that has been selected. 
  2. Determine the setting of the activity (level of cognition, diversity of the audience, inclusivity, etc).
  3. Engage with audience by providing support and clarification on the following game instructions accordingly.

Spot the hazard game instructions

  1. Click on any of the rooms. In each room there's a number of hazards that can cause a fall – can you identify them all?
  2. Once you've identified all the hazards, an image of a 'safe' room will appear: the hazards will be removed and some additional safety features/items may be added.
  3. If you're stuck at any point, click on the help button "?" which can give you some clues.

Pairs puzzle game instructions

This is a fun game to test your memory and help you learn more about fall prevention. The aim of 'Pairs' is to match all the pairs in the quickest time possible.

  1. To turn a card over, tap (if you're using touch screen) or click (if you're using a PC/laptop) on the card.
  2. You can only turn two cards over at a time.
  3. Cards turn back over automatically. You can also turn a card back over by clicking or tapping on it again.
  4. Once you find a pair, some useful information will appear.
  5. You can make the game easy, difficult or very difficult to suit your speed.

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